Withdrawable Low Voltage M.C.C.

Equipment in spacesextraibles
of 1/20 till 5/10 of column.

—Adjustable dimensions to particular requirements.

Withdrawable cars to 200 hp. engines

—Front accessibility.

—SE type: stándar implementation.

SE IAC type: ejecución arco interno que incluye:

—Adequate protection in all compartments and cubicles

Single column sectioning.

—Total selectivity.

Main features:

  • Manufacture Standard:  IEC61439.1/2.
  • Rated insulation voltage: 690 V., 50/60 Hz.
  • Rated service voltage: 690 V., 50/60 Hz.
    • Busbars:
    • Rated current: Up to 5.000 A. (on double panel depth)
    • Short-time 1 sec. current Up to 100 KA., RMS.
    • Peak withstand current Up to 250 KA.
  • Distribution bar Rated current Up to 80 A.

    esqema CCM

    Esquema CCm Tipo SCF

  • Short-time 1 sec. current Up to 800 KA, RMS
  • Degree of protection standard: IP42 (*)
  • Compartimentation type: 3b o 4b.
  • Short-circuit execution according to IEC 61641.

* Other values, on request.



  • Each unit has a load switch 6-pole and double pole break . This switch is the connecting element between the fixed and the removable portion .
    The door will be locked while the switch are closed.
    Once opened the switch and door, the equipment
    Once opened the door switch and the equipment is energized and only strength
    fed the control circuit: TEST position.
    With the door open you can not close the switch.
    With the extracted frame and the closed door you can not close the switch.

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Withdrawable L.V. MCC Reference:

Saica UK. Manchester (Inglaterra)

Saica UK. Manchester (Inglaterra)








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