About Us





The Company CONSONNI, S.A was founded in 1952, integrating into the Electric sector,
and taking up the manufacturing of electric switchboards, electric resistances, regulators
of resistances, switches, thermostats and so on.
Due to the great increase of production reached in 1973, Management committee
decided to subdivide this company in several branches, naming CONSTRUCCIONES
ELECTROMECANICAS CONSONNI, S.A to the company which will go in for exclusively
to the manufacturing of Electrical Switchboards. Its production programme includes:

Outdoor Transformer Stations.

Fixed or skid type Transformer and Distribution Stations.

Fixed and Withdrawable Motor Control Centers for L.V. and M.V.

Power Centers with fixed and withdrawable circuit breakers for L.V. and M.V.

Medium Voltage Switchboards.

Bus ducts up to 36KV.

Control desks and panels.

Our equipment is recognized as first-rate by Spanish Engineering, as well as by the main
industries of energy, petrochemical, hydraulic, chemical, iron and steel works, etc., which
we usually work with, according to our list of references.
Our activities includes both assessment of inquiries with regard a technical specification
and commissioning of installations, going through the design, manufacturing, control and
tests, transport and assistance in assembly.
Likewise when installations are also in operation but they need to be retrofitted, our
technicians study the scope of the supply at site , designing, manufacturing and
supplying all necessary equipment in order to make the upgrading of the mentioned Plant.
At present C. E. CONSONNI, S. A. is certified with ISO-9001.